Crystallization & Porosity Reduction
Protekta Base    Protekta Guard  

Protekta Base                                                                                                                       

A porosity reducing crystallization product.

Protekta Base is a porosity reducing crystallization product. It is supplied as a liquid that can be easily applied to the surface by spray or brush. Consisting of a combination of silicates and special proprietary chemicals it is used as a penetrating sealer and surface hardener on concrete. Protekta Base forms a sub-surface insoluble calcium silicate hydrate complex in the form of crystals in pores, capillaries and cracks. It greatly improves resistance to water and contaminants.


•   All type of pours cementitious surface
•   Most concrete / masonry surfaces: roofs
•   Roads, bridges, decks
•   Cracks and voids
•   Anti-dust


•   Reduces porosity
•   Permanently seal cracks (up to 0.4mm cracks)
•   Increases surface hardness
•   Can be used as a curing compound
•   Reduces chloride diffusion coefficient by 89%
•   Allows water vapour to exit


1. The surfaces should be clean and free from dust,
    loose particles, oil and grease.
2. Protekta Base should be stirred well and then diluted
    1:1 with water, just before use.
3. Spray application is needed using a low pressure pump
    (Small patches can be treated by spray or by brushing
    product on surface).
4. Make wet-to-wet applications of Protekta Base and allow
6. If the surface is highly pours : Apply second coat
   of Protekta BAse again and allow to dry. Spray
    water across entire treated surface allow it to dry,
    repeat water treatment and allow to dry 

Coverage : 3 - 3.5 / L / 2 coat

Packing : 20L, 50L, & 200 L (Other sizes available upon request)

Caution : Highly alkaline product, use personal protection wear.

Protekta   Guard                                                   

A porosity reducing product.

Protekta Guard incorporates calcium into the surface and is essential to reacts with calcium ions in the concrete pore solution to form stable Calcium Silicate. Protekta Guard is a pre-treatment for old concrete surfaces before application of Protekta Base. It penetrates concrete and enhances the formation of sub-surface barrier of insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel complex when a surface is treated with Protekta Base. Protekta Guard is only recommended for old concrete surface.


It can be used in all type of old cementitious surfaces.


•   It will incorporate the calcium in concrete
•   It will compensate the pH


1. The surfaces should be clean and free from dust, loose particles, oil and grease.
2. Protekta Guard is a ready to use solution. It is sprayed on a clean and dry concrete surface.
3. Once cure with water to facilitate penetration.

Dosage : 25 - 30 Sq.ft./L

Packing : 20L, 50L, 200L (Other sizes available upon request).